What is The Supercreator?

Hi, hey, hello! I’m Michael, a New York City-based journalist who covers the people, systems and institutions who pick the winners and losers in the creator economy. I write a twice-weekly column, monthly Q&A series, interviews, recommendations and more.

Creators of all kinds — including writers, journalists, podcasters, video producers, visual artists, activists, musicians, home cooks and pro chefs, software developers and marketing leaders — connect with The Supercreator across web, email, virtual and in-person events to level up their media diet so they can work and live with freedom and intention.

While its subject matter and point of view attract a global readership, The Supercreator speaks with sophistication, authority and spirit on behalf of women, Black, brown indigenous and queer people, and other marginalized creators who are overlooked and underserved by the status quo.

The Supercreator is fully supported by reader subscriptions. In addition to my weekly columns, subscribers enjoy:

  • Ask Michael, a weekly column and monthly live-video series answering reader-submitted questions current events and whatever else is on your mind

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About Michael

If you’re familiar with me and my work, you can keep scrolling. If not, here’s a quick-fast intro: I’m deeply curious about how culture, race, gender, class and public policy enable or marginalizes creators from living off their work. Previously, I edited shopping features, covered the home and tech markets, and wrote a weekly style column in print and digital editorial roles at Lucky, a Condé Nast-owned magazine (RIP!). And before that, I crafted e-commerce copy for ShopBAZAAR — the online shopping companion to Harper's BAZAAR magazine. I used to publish a cool fashion blog too. And in what feels like a lifetime ago, I designed, developed and delivered learning experiences as a corporate trainer for clients including Bank of America and Chase. I’m also a proud inaugural alum of the On Deck Writer Fellowship.

4 reasons high-performing creative professionals like you subscribe to The Supercreator:

Because you can never have too many time machines.

Scott Galloway, professor at NYU Stern and host of the Pivot podcast, says that the best businesses are time machines that either extend time or enhance time. Think of Netflix: At $156/year for the next 30, you can avoid over a year's worth of ads. And since your creative work generates the most economic value and social influence in your work-life as opposed to mindless consumption of social media, it's worth your while to outsource tasks like editing through the noise to find the signal.

I spend hours every day reading the internet and applying 17 years of editorial experience to craft a literary snapshot of where we’re at, where we’ve been and where we’re going so you don’t have to. And when I’m not writing essays, I’m emailing, texting, calling, DMing and meeting with sources to report on the gap between the rich and powerful and the creative class. You can track the news and level-up your worldview without The Supercreator. But the news cycle moves so fast that it’s challenging to slow down long enough to scrutinize the critical details of the stories that impact us the most. For 20 cents a day, you can count on The Supercreator to do it for you.

Because there are no ads, investors or algorithms.

Subscriptions enable writers and thinkers to launch publications and communities that make money from direct payments from supporters and fans — instead of advertisements, which is how media companies have typically monetized their content. What I enjoy most is the editorial independence the business model gives The Supercreator. Subscriptions enable me to prioritize your creative, economic and emotional well-being over a growth-at-all-costs business model. No advertisers paying for your attention. No algorithms dictating which stories you see. No investors involved in editorial decision-making. Just me and you and our shared vision of working and living on our own terms.

Because creators are at the center of every editorial decision.

I’m obsessed with creators. But so much of our media prioritizes the interests of insatiable consumers or business leaders. And we hold a once-in-a-generation moment to reimagine our economy, culture and government as systems wherein fans are more than followers, creative ownership is the rule instead of the exception and creativity is valued as more than just content for social apps to run ads against. I created The Supercreator to be the publication of record for this movement.

Because independent journalism is expensive to produce.

I understand $70/year (or even $7/month) may feel like an irresponsible investment for you right now. And that's OK. The goal of The Supercreator is to add value on top of the free daily newsletter for creators who want a direct relationship with me — not to restrict access, withhold information or manipulate you into paying for something they don't want. So you'll always be able to access my twice-weekly in-depth essays without a subscription. But if you value direct relationships with the people you've chosen to serve, creative ownership of your work and the financial freedom to enjoy your preferred lifestyle, then I’d love to serve you as a subscriber.

How to keep in touch

If you would like to pass along any information that you think creative professionals should know about, you can email me or DM on Twitter.

You can also schedule a 20-minute chat to talk off the record about what you’re working on, discuss what's happening in your life, at your job or around the world, and/or learn more about me and/or The Supercreator. Nothing you share during this conversation will be quoted or paraphrased in my work — in fact, there will be no record and no mention of what we discuss anywhere.

If you would like to share sensitive information without leaving a paper trail, you can email it to my secure address or text me via Signal at 214-454-1687. Both of these options feature end-to-end encryption, which means whatever you share can only be accessed by me — not third parties like your employer, a government agency or bad actors.

What's next

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