Politics through the lens of creativity

👋🏾 Hi, hey, hello! I’m Michael, a New York City-based politics reporter covering the intersection of power and creativity. I launched The Supercreator in November 2019 to investigate the forces shaping how creative professionals work and live in the new economy. And today, creators of all kinds — including writers, journalists, podcasters, video producers, visual artists, activists, musicians, home cooks and pro chefs, software developers and marketing leaders — trust The Supercreator’s independent journalism to empower their creativity. I hope you’ll join them.

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Before I launched The Supercreator, I edited shopping features, covered the home and tech markets, and wrote a weekly style column in print and digital editorial roles at Lucky, a Condé Nast-owned magazine (RIP!). And before that, I crafted e-commerce copy for ShopBAZAAR — the online shopping companion to Harper's BAZAAR magazine. I used to publish a cool fashion blog too. And in what feels like a lifetime ago, I designed, developed and delivered learning experiences as a corporate trainer for clients including Bank of America and Chase. I’m also a proud inaugural alum of the On Deck Writer Fellowship.

And even though I’m obsessed with politics, I know we’ve been trained to only pay attention in extraordinary times of crisis or during an election season. But it’s the ordinary moments that determine who gets to be seen, heard and acknowledged when it matters most. The Supercreator is here so creators like you not only reclaim your seat at the table but also decide what’s served on the menu.