Super Picks: Brandy

Founder Adam Hayek wants his new app to be your brand’s “single source of truth.”

Photo: Courtesy of Brandy
Photo: Courtesy of Brandy

It’s not every day that a designer shows some love to us journalists. But that’s exactly what Adam Hayek did as he explained the frustration he used to feel when reporters would use outdated graphics of his company’s brand in their stories. “The truth is we made it too hard for the journalist. When they googled our name, the old logo was the first image to come up. I wished we could have just sent them a Brandy link with all our assets back then.”

Brandy is a home base for the digital files or documents you use to express the look, feel and sound of your brand. Hayek says it’s fast to maintain for designers, easy to use for everyone else and a simple alternative to the piecemeal approach most of us take to managing our brand’s verbal and visual identity.

"You are probably thinking that a shared Google Drive folder could have solved this problem. We tried, but consider the following scenario,” Hayek said. “You have three logo variants in three different colors that need to be exported in three different sizes and file formats. That’s 81 files just so people can use the logo.” With Brandy, all you need is a single file and 30 seconds of setup. “That’s a lot of time you can on something more creative than exporting files.”

What does Hayek plan to do with his time now that Brandy is up and running? “As a product person, that’s a really tough question. Long term, I want Brandy to be the only source of truth for your brand,” he said. “I want to get to a point where you just update these assets in Brandy and everything else will be taken care of.”

Brandy offers users a public brand spaces with up to 20 assets are free forever; an unlimited plan with private spaces starts at $8 per month. To get started with Brandy, create a brand space, add all your brand assets (logos, fonts, color palettes, photos) and share a custom URL with your team. Journalists like me thank you in advance.