The stickers that allow you to flex on Election Day (even if you’re mailing in your ballot)

They’re a limited edition, so you might wanna order yours fast…


In these Instgrammable times we’re living in, your civic duty isn’t complete unless you publish a post-voting selfie with an “I Voted” sticker to show the masses you did in fact participate in our democracy — never mind how flawed it might be. But with 75 percent of the electorate eligible to vote by mail and many choosing to do so due to the pandemic, most of us won’t get to show our work like in elections past.

Thanks to Matt Kiser a select few will be able to vote by mail and prove it too. The man behind the popular What The Fuck Just Happened Today? national politics newsletter printed six thousand WTFJHT “I voted” stickers and purchased 3,000 First-Class stamps to mail limited-edition stickers to you and your friends just in time for Election Day. The stickers are selected at random from four designs and mailed in batches every few days between now and October 30th.

I was curious about the design and production process for the stickers and how folks have responded to them so far. But when reached for comment, Kiser told me that he was unfamiliar with The Supercreator and asked for examples of my work — but never answered my questions. I still think the stickers are dope though. Order them for free and be sure to chip in to help cover the cost of postage, stickers, envelopes and labor (a $2.99 contribution is suggested).